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MicroSaaS for the masses!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The growth of SaaS-based tools has enabled the ‘freelancer’ economy in a significant manner. I use the term ‘MicroSaaS’ for special purpose, subscription-based solutions that either focus on a particular business function (e.g., accounting, payroll reporting) or provide a specific business service (user story development, business process mapping). Tools such as Harvest, Gusto, Asana, and Lucid are examples of powerful solutions that enable small businesses to win against larger competitors. As a member of the Salesforce ecosystem, how these applications augment native capabilities or provide new CRM features is very important to my own success. Leveraging ‘Micro-SaaS’ providers is an essential skill for every professional as they represent revenue and productivity improvement opportunities. In subsequent blogs, I will share my experiences with these products and their potential within the Salesforce community.

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