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Low-code Drives High Value!

Low-code platforms have been an important key part of the digital transformation strategies of most organizations. These platforms improve developer productivity, facilitate Agile and TDD practices, and increase collaboration of business and technology participants. A recent Mendix survey highlights these benefits and provides insights into how organizations are benefiting from these solutions. With enterprise adoption rates approaching 77%, business sponsors have the opportunity to shape their go-to-market projects to reflect emerging market trends without breaking their budget. Equally important, the role of the technology provider (both internal and external partner) changes from coding to change management.

A key challenge for leadership is to avoid the shortcomings experienced during the 'citizen developer(CD)' era. Many important applications that were developed by pioneering CDs often resulted in long-term operational disruption. These applications lacked mature security, scalability, and reusability functionality. Many organizations have significant risk from early tools projects (I'm looking at you Visual Basic). Modern low-code platforms that are strongly coupled with version management tools as well as continuous integration and continuous delivery practices are critical to avoiding the mistakes of the past.

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