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CRM Is For All Your Users!

CRM feature adoption is often solely used to measure program success. This might have been valid when core sales automation capabilities were the key benefit to using these tools. This reflected the internal communities supported such as sales team and service centers. While these groups are still critical constituents, new groups such as customers and partners are increasingly important CRM users. A large vendor provides this diagram which answers what CRM is but not who will use it. Who will use your CRM is the a key question in measuring success.

The new answer must include external users. Sales automation and a comprehensive customer view will continue to be important. Added to this must be self-service, personalization, and collaboration as ways to manage the end-to-end customer experience (including distribution channel partner). A fragmented sales process is ineffective and costly. Solutions the combine product management, pipeline/ forecasting activities, and comprehensive service must be coupled with providing consumers with an outstanding experience.

CRM owners must conduct realistic reviews of usage by their targets audiences. Working with a partner to determine adoption and establish benchmarks is an important step in this process.

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